Golden State Wins Championship: LeBron Was A Lone Warrior!

Every few decades there is a superior athlete(s) that enters a sport and revolutionizes the game in ways that will continue to raise the bar to insurmountable heights. Looking within the landscape of the NBA a select few come to mind. In the 1960’s there was Wilt Chamberlain and his dominant run with the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers. Soon came the duo of legends in Larry Bird (Boston Celtics) and Magic Johnson (Lakers) throughout the 1980’s. Then Michael Jordan led the charge with the Chicago Bulls as the dominant force in the 1990’s gathering 6 championships along the way. Enter the 21st century and now we have LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers who has become a one man wrecking crew on the court over the past decade, while putting up statistics that could rival that of all the great players I’ve mentioned before him. Though Mr. James continues to receive criticism for the path he has chosen to take towards his success, and today was presented a chance to re-write his own legacy within the public eye. Unfortunately basketball, like life, is nearly impossible to win on your own.

There Can Only Be One Highlander In This MVP Race!

As the 2014-2015 NBA season nears to an end and the playoffs are getting ready to take off, there remains a looming question on everyone’s mind: who is truly this year’s Most Valuable Player? This late during the season the MVP race is usually clear cut, as players have had a sufficient amount of games to prove their self-worth. Yet, this year things have changed and the MVP race shows three high octane players’ neck-and-neck sprinting towards the finish line. In one lane we have Golden State Warriors current All-Star and 3-point champion Stephen Curry. Curry and his team have been a pleasant surprise this year, not because of their winning record but due to their complete dominance in the western division. It is not a kept secret that over the past couple of season the western conference have hosted the more superior teams than their eastern counterparts. Thereby making The Warriors’ record (currently 60-10 while clinching the top seed in the conference) even more impressive.


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