Aaron Hernandez: It Was All A Dream

     That moment…that moment when you feel as if you’re living on cloud 9 and you refuse to pinch yourself to even check if it’s a dream. The simple thought of this life being anything resembling a dream forces you to avoid any warnings that may come your way to pull you back into reality. Eventually, which is always the case, reality wins out and you’re past actions and choices will come back around to haunt you.

Free Agency: The Ultimate Game of Monopoly!


    The smoke is starting to clear on the free agency battlefield, but the war still rages on silently. As the debris settles one can now evaluate the madness that has occurred over a span of 3 weeks. On March 10th the flood gates poured open, and teams were allowed to sign free agent players who were no longer under contract and try to upgrade their chances to compete with the elite squads in the league. With talents such as All-Pro Defensive back Darrelle Revis and 2014 Offensive Player of the Year running back DeMarco Murray on the market for the highest bidder, the league has turned itself into a high stakes game of Monopoly and the players are the much lauded property. While several teams were gearing up to take the best players available to them, others had to reserve patience and maintain a high amount of discipline in order to make financially suitable decisions.


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